Air Jordan Price Guide 2014 (Color) (English Edition)

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Flip through 150 pages filled with over 700 full color images of Air Jordan sneakers dating back from 1985 to 2013. Each sneaker includes the exact date when they first released, what they sold for in stores, color ways, and even the shoe box they came with. You’ll be surprised to discovery how many Jordans you never knew existed. Take a trip down memory lane as you go through years and years of Air Jordan releases. For those who are serious collectors, which Jordan was your first pair? Was it the 2001 Air Jordan I “Bred”? Or maybe it was the 2007 Air Jordan V “Metallic”? Whichever one it may be, you probably remember how it felt to finally get your hands on that one particular pair you been waiting months to get! Remember when you first lifted open that shoe box and you couldn’t help but admire the design and the fine details that reminded you why you bought the shoes in the first place? And not to mention that NEW SHOE SCENT. Oh, yes, that NEW SHOE SCENT (you sneakheads know what I’m talking about) Relive those memories today, they’re waiting for you. Add the Air Jordan Price Guide 2013 to your Jordan collection today!

Air Jordan Price Guide:
Finally a Kelley Blue Book for Air Jordan sneakers! Tired of not knowing how much to pay for a pair of Jordans? Tired of having to search countless sneaker forums just to see what the going rate for a pair is? Maybe you just don’t want to get ripped off by resellers…(we all don’t). Well, look no further, we have the solution for you: The Air Jordan Price Guide. We have calculated values from numerous and reliable sources such as Ebay, Craigslist, and sneaker forums to get you the best average values for each sneaker. We already did the hard work for you. What are you waiting for? Protect yourself from headaches and resellers today!

This guide also makes for a perfect gift to that sneaker collector friend of yours. Don’t wait, GET YOUR COPY TODAY!

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